Case study - modernization of the pedestrian crossing on ul. Plac Słowiański in Elbląg

Road safety specialists at the City Hall in Elbląg identified a safety problem at the pedestrian crossing at ul. Słowiański Square in Elbląg. For the sake of pedestrian safety, they considered installing the APP Zebra active pedestrian crossing with a thick layer of P-10 horizontal signs on a red background.

  1. Location and observed problems

The pedestrian crossing is located in the center of Elbląg, on one of the main streets of the city. Access to Plac Słowiański is via ul. Rycerska, which guarantees access to the Old Town and is one of the main streets used by drivers on their way to the most important places in the city, e.g. the main station. Daily traffic volume on ul. Plac Słowiański is estimated at 6,000 – 8,000 cars a day. The permissible speed of cars is 50 km / h, but the real average speed of cars exceeds the permissible speed and oscillates between 55 km / h and 65 km / h. Daily, it uses a pedestrian crossing from 800 to 1,300 inhabitants. A pedestrian crossing located within the square on which trams run. At HIT Casino there is an exit from the minor road leading directly to the pedestrian crossing. There are bus stops in the vicinity of the crossing.

After analyzing the current situation at the pedestrian crossing on ul. Plac Słowiański in Elbląg, in terms of improving pedestrian safety, the following problems were identified:

-a pedestrian standing in the middle lane of the chapter is obscured by a tall car moving along the inner lane and is invisible to the driver coming from the new city,

-pedestrians entering the crosswalk may be obstructed by a car that has stopped in the outer lane to give way

-the passage has two stages and is 21m long,

-high traffic of pedestrians and cars at the pedestrian crossing,

-drivers of cars driving in the center exceed speed and do not always give way to pedestrians.

2. Description of the solution improving safety at the crossing

After identifying safety problems at the crossing to ul. Plac Słowiański in Elbląg The city of Elbląg and the Euroasfalt company decided to improve the quality of life of road users by choosing an active pedestrian crossing of the Zebra Standard Plus type.

2.1.  Introduction

APP Zebra is an active pedestrian crossing system informing the driver about a person moving on a pedestrian crossing and about a person approaching the crossing zone. The active pedestrian crossing has synchronized elements: a motion sensor, point reflectors and early warning lamps located above the D-6 road sign.

The APP Zebra active pedestrian crossing is the only active pedestrian crossing in Europe that has been tested for effectiveness in improving pedestrian safety. Research of the Institute of Roads and Bridges, Warsaw University of Technology entitled “Traffic safety analysis on the so-called Active Crossings for Pedestrians, Warsaw, December 2017 ”show that the driver reacts faster to light signals installed in the road, if they are activated by pedestrian traffic, and do not glow all the time.

Due to the fact that the APP Zebra product is entirely produced in Poland, the safety improvement system becomes attractive for local governments and is up to 5 times cheaper compared to classic traffic lights.

2.2. How does active pedestrian crossing work?
  1. When a pedestrian is detected in the crossing zone, motion sensors activate the active pedestrian crossing system.
  2. Synchronized LED lights installed at the P-10 lanes and above the D6 begin to flash in the same frequency, they send a warning signal to the oncoming driver
  3. When the pedestrian safely leaves the crossing zone, intelligent pedestrian crossings turn off the traffic lights. Cars can move on safely.
2.3. Elements of active pedestrian crossing

The active crossing for pedestrians includes the following elements:

1.Active point reflectors

2.Warning lamps

3.Motion sensors

4.D6 characters

5.Road Marking

3.4. Benefits achieved after installation

In order to improve the visibility of a pedestrian crossing after dark, in the roadway, in front of each P-10 line, active point reflectors in a cast iron cover with LED light have been installed. In addition, the P-10 horizontal signs were painted white on a red background using the chemo-hardening technology, the crossing became more visible and safer.

Pulsators above the P-10 sign are well received by drivers. Drivers react to the presence of a pedestrian and give way more often. The passage is now visible from a greater distance, up to 250 meters. The additional fluorescent background on the D6 signs focuses the driver’s attention on the sign and therefore increases the driver’s alertness.

“The safety of our residents is our priority. The funds from the European Fund allowed for the implementation of the Regional Safety Improvement Program and the completion of the investment “Construction and assembly of an active pedestrian crossing at Plac Słowiański Street with connection to the network”. Residents highly praise the innovative pedestrian crossing on ul. Plac Słowiański, because a significant change in the behavior of drivers has been observed – a greater tendency to pass and give way to pedestrians at a pedestrian crossing ”- President of the City of Elbląg.