Company employees Euroasfalt people, hardworking, ambitious, oriented to the continuous improvement of their skills and make increasingly difficult professional challenges. Their passion results in full commitment in the performance of his duties, which translates into the highest quality of the orders and products.

Jan Antonowicz

Chairman of the Board

A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Gdansk. From the 70s to the various positions in the road sector, technical and road safety. Co-owner of the company Euroasfalt, Chairman of the Board.

Bożena Antonowicz

Member of the Board

A graduate of Gdansk University of Technology, Department of construction of roads and bridges. Since the 70s related to work in spatial planning as an expert in the design of roads. Member of the Board.

Marcin Antonowicz

CEO & Sales Director

Graduate School of Management (Kozminski Academy) and graduated in Herning Institute of Business and Technology and The American Business School Paris. Since 2003 he associated with companies in the IT industry where he held the roles of business analyst, consultant, manager, director and board member. At Euroasfalt Marcin is responsible for the sales and marketing team.

Marta Licznerska

Sales and Marketing Manager

Graduate of the Olsztyn School of the Department of Education. Completed practices in the City Hall Lubawa in a paper organization. An earlier working as a customer adviser. Since June 2015 she has been associated with the company Euroasfalt and currently holds the position of Sales and Marketing Manager.

Łukasz Wiśniewski

Specialist for Research and Implementation

A graduate of the University of Economy in Bydgoszcz, over 6 years experience working on the production. I worked 1.5 years as manager of a regional chain stores. At Euroasfalt holds the position of specialist. Research and implementation.