Sealing of tram tracks

Sealing of tram tracks

Tram tracks through the accumulation of water in the depth of pavement around the track, increasing noise and vibration. This is one of the most important problems that must be overcome in the rail transport in cities. Technologies involving the filling of an elastic embodiment, and a hydrophobic organic material, provides the desired effect. The use of durable tight filling connecting elements track with the road surface minimizes unwanted effects in the form of vibration, noise and insulate them from stray currents.

Sealing tramway

Bitumen used by the seals Euroasfalt tram tracks have adhesive properties and elastic, to seal the space between the rail head and buildings infrastructure – the road surface. For sealing and leveling edge profiles przyszynowych used pad, rubber profiles (cords), which are glued with adhesive. Rail Vignole and grooved rails are used rubber pad, profile section open or closed, and the grooved rails profiles pad, made of polyurethane.

Technology seals tram tracks consists of:

  • Purification of the gap between the rail and the road surface,
  • Covering the adhesive
  • Laying rubber profile (cords)
  • Pouring hot mass

Equipment used to seal the tracks are:

  • Lance compressed air
  • Brushes mechanical and manual
  • Injection molding machines
  • The boiler to heat sealing compound
  • Safety equipment carried out road works

1363795205_torowiska1  Insulating of tramway track

1394459006_20131011_174838  Insulating of tramway track

1363795209_torowiska4  Insulating of tramway track