Fatigue craking (crocodile craking) repair

Fatigue craking (crocodile craking) repair

Fatigue cracks are irregular rupture of bituminous pavement are shaped figure thin, deep crevices come from surface exfoliation, cracks and pores. Unsealed cracks transverse or longitudinal bituminous pass fatigue cracks.

Fatigue cracks or crocodile cracks are treated as serious damage to bituminous pavement, which leads to lower carrying copacity of surface by allowing the penetration of water and de-icing agents to lower-lying layers of pavement structures.

Euroasfalt company has proven technology and specialist equipment to repair crocodile cracks, which were the initial degradation. The security cracks is used when opening the slits is from 1 mm to 2 mm. Cracks more degraded, you can only fix it by resurfacing.

The basic material used in the repair of fatigue cracks is a special grout, which at low temperatures retains the properties of the plastic and complies with the standard EN 14 188-1 (PKN-March 2005) and meets European standards. The mass of a stress-strain properties (such as rubber) and a high adhesion to the walls of pure asphalt. Using other masses or asphalt emulsion does not give the desired results, (photo 1) because they are not plastic and at low temperatures followed by re-rupture.

Unsealed cracks longitudinal and transverse cracks pass mesh. Euroasfalt has proven technology that I use for over 20 years to repair cracks mesh. Cracks more degraded (fot.2) can only fix it by resurfacing.

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Euroasfalt company has developed proprietary technology to repair cracks netting, which consists of:

  • Purification of compressed air brushes and mechanical cracked surface,
  • Priming purified cracks specialized fluid,
  • Showdown deeper cavities a special sealing compound hot with heated basalt aggregate (fraction ⅖, and as needed ⅝)
  • Orientation layers on the weight of up to 3 mm (completely closed) and the roughening fine aggregate;

To carry out road works company Euroasfalt a safe, professional equipment and trained personnel. To perform cracking mesh we use:

  • Compressed air lance
  • mechanical brushes
  • injection molding machines
  • Boiler for heating the sealing compound
  • Safety equipment carried out road works

The works are carried out while maintaining traffic, with full professional secure traffic.

Fatigue cracking repair in Auchan Częstochowa – 2017

Fatigue cracking repair in Szklarskiej Porębie – 2016

1385462713_Uk_adanie_komponentu_A  Fatigue cracking repair on A1 woj. Pomorskie (1350 m2 of cracks) in 2014 r.

1385462333_Komponent_A_po_u_o_eniu Fatigue cracking repair in Airport Center in Stryków (500 m2 of cracks) in 2012

1385462200_Czyszczenie_gor_cym_powietrzem  Fatigue cracking repair on DK Rejon Elbląg (1210 m2 of cracks) in 2011