Marking marks

Marking marks is use where the paint or thermoplastic does not persist, especially on the knuckles of granite, where the surface is burdened with traffic light. Used for marking parking spaces for cars, zones of the pedestrian, pedestrian crossings, but also when determined, the axis, direction of movement, wherever it is not required traditional marking level.

Markers manufactured by Euroasfalt are made of special aluminum alloy – zinc with high durability. They are attached by a pin and glue in the hole cube stone, bituminous or betonowej.j.

We offer two types of markers in three sizes: 100,80,50 mm. The height of the valve does not exceed 18 mm.

We have two types of tags because of the reflectivity:

  • reflective markers
  • non-reflective markers
  • Average life marks a period of 20 – 25 years. Special alloy aluminum – zinc is polished by the wheels of
  • oncoming traffic in such a way that they become visible indicator of passage for pedestrians and additional
  • equipment tags in the reflective lens inform the driver the night of the approach to this transition.

Markers assembly consists of:

  • Drilling the hole with a diameter of 2 cm
  • Cleaning of the hole and flooding it with glue

The equipment used for installation of markers are:

  • Drilling rig
  • Lance compressed air
  • Zalewarka
  • The boiler to heat the glue