Marking dotted reflective elements

Spot reflectors are one of the components of markings, provide increased safety for road users. Marking punktowanymi reflectors are used as a complement of signs to warn, guide and inform about the places particularly dangerous:

  • Dangerous curves with poor visibility
  • fading traffic lanes
  • the surface of the pedestrian
  • roundabouts, islands, azylach pedestrian
  • thresholds release
  • pedestrian crossings and a change of traffic.

The design of the cast iron cover is designed to protect the reflective element from damage during heavy snow plows and protect the reflective element from excessive wear of the moving wheels.

Reflective elements used by Euroasfalt are:

  • Reflective element ŚNIEŻKA 1 Standard
  • Reflective element ŚNIEŻKA 2 – Low Profile
  • Reflective element ŚNIEŻKA 3 – Standard
  • Reflective element ŚNIEŻKA 3 – LED
  • Reflective of the reflector multidirectional

We use two methods of installation of reflective elements.

  • the reflector assembly

Mounting the reflector consists of cleaning the surface prior to the installation site, priming it, and continue sticking PEO adhesive bitumen.

  • reflector in a body cast iron.

Point elements in the casing body iron is: White-S1 Standard rectangular and White

S2 and S3 Low Profile LED-shaped circular called. ,, Mushroom “and reflective of the reflector multidirectional

The assembly consists in:

  • Snowball-S1 Standard:

1.Wyfrezowaniu arc with a radius of 484 mm circular saws or special cutter
2.Purification machined hole.
3.Filling adhesive bitumen hole and paste the item.

  • Low Profile snowball S2 and S3-Led:

1.Millingspecial machine hole with a radius of 182mm.
2.Purification hole.
3.Filling the hole with adhesive bituminous and paste the item.

  • Element of the reflector multidirectional:

1.Installation of curbs
2.Making an opening in the curb with a diameter of 52 mm diamond drilling rig
3.Is inserted into the hole reflective element (along with t-shirt rubber)

  • Installation of bituminous pavement

1.Drilling hole having a diameter of 128 mm to a depth of 29 mm

2.Cleaning hole

3.Feeling adhesive bitumen hole and insert the element.

To complete the above work Euroasfalt company has professional equipment and trained personnel. For proper implementation of point-of retroreflective elements using the following equipment

  • Compressed air lance.
  • lance conveying hot glue,
  • cauldron
  • milling machine,
  • vacuum cleaner

The works are carried out while maintaining traffic, with full professional secure traffic.