Construction and repair of bridge expansion joins

Construction and repair of bridge expansion joins

Bad condition of facilities expansion is the most important problem of bridges in the country. The reason for this is the lack of effective and relatively low-cost load-bearing structures due to pressure from the wheels of vehicles on a contact bridge structure and roadway. The result of the lack of good bridge expansion joins is accelerated degradation of the surface, the carrier plate of the bridge, the ends of beams and supports due to the corrosive effects of freezing water and chlorides.

Expansion joins made by EUROASFALT meet problems with objects bridge structures. Expansion joins are made of an elastic sealing compound consisting of petroleum asphalt modified synthetic rubber, blended with a granite aggregate of appropriate fractions and extending in a specially cut trough.

The main advantages of the bridge expansion joints made are:

  • resistance to vehicular traffic,
  • resistance to cracking.
  • subjecting the forces of vertical and horizontal,
  • high ability to absorb vibration of the structure,
  • tightness between the different materials in the bituminous pavement,
  • high flexibility and strength.

With this method should be especially aware of the proper condition of bituminous pavement on a railroad bridge, in particular within the connection with a new device expansion joint. This state has a big impact on the proper surface adhesion occurs between the mass and the elastic layer of bituminous pavement.


Construction joins

The company has developed proprietary technology Euroasfalt expansion joints, which consists of:

  • Determining the actual thickness of the joints
  • cut surface
  • Mechanical cleaning of the substrate and the wall surface,
  • Cleaning the edge of the slot jet method (blasting).
  • Positioning in the slot of the elastic seal and the covering strip in stainless steel.
  • Applying an adhesive to a substrate and side walls of the gap,
  • Filling aggregates of appropriate fractions and exact concentration of each layer.
  • Leveling the surface of joints,
  • Sprinkled with aggregate fractions 2-5 mm.

To carry out road works company Euroasfalt a safe, professional equipment and trained personnel. To make joint use of:

  • Compressed air lance
  • impact hammers
  • Injection molding machines
  • Boiler for heating the sealing compound
  • Safety equipment carried out road works

The works are carried out while maintaining traffic, with full professional secure traffic.

Repair of bridge expension joins on bridge object in Podstoła, Lubiec – 2017

Repair of bridge expension joins on bridge object in Budzew – 2015

1363796625_image228 Repair of bridge expension joins on bridge object in . Łodzi – 2014

1363796628_image234 Repair of bridge expension joins on bridge object on DK nr 8 m. Białobrzegi and Augustów – 2009 r.

1363796626_image231 Repair of bridge expension joins on bridge object in Uniejów – 2008 r.