Bitumen cracks repair

Extending the service life of the surface at the present state of the roads becomes a prime task. This service is used for inexpensive, effective repair methods.

Fatigue craking (crocodile craking) repair

Fatigue cracks (crocodile cracks) should be treated as serious damage to bituminous pavement, which lead to lower carrying copacity of surface by allowing the penetration of water and de-icing agents to lower-lying layers of pavement structures.

Construction and repair of bridge expansion joins

Bad condition of facilities expansion is the most important problem of bridges in the country. The reason for this is the lack of effective and relatively low-cost load-bearing structures due to pressure from the wheels of vehicles on a contact bridge structure and roadway. The result of the lack of good bridge expansion joins is accelerated degradation of the surface, the carrier plate of the bridge, the ends of beams and supports due to the corrosive effects of freezing water and chlorides.

Sealing of tram tracks

Tram tracks through the accumulation of water in the depth of pavement around the track, increasing noise and vibration. This is one of the most important problems that must be overcome in the rail transport in cities. Technologies involving the filling of an elastic embodiment, and a hydrophobic organic material, provides the desired effect. The use of durable tight filling connecting elements track with the road surface minimizes unwanted effects in the form of vibration, noise and insulate them from stray currents.

Sealing of concrete pavements

On the concrete surface is exposed to large forces that cause the concrete surface is subjected to forces dylatuje and eventually crack. This type of surface enforces slit in the form of so-called slots. dilatation. Cracks in concrete pavement are designed to eliminate or control cracks caused by contraction or expansion of the concrete slabs under the influence changes in temperature and humidity. Where you can not call artificial joints, concrete works causing micro-cracks – this is completely normal and does not cause damage to road use.