APC Zebra – Premium

APC Zebra – Premium

APC Zebra Premium is a system of active pedestrian crossing which comprises of :

  • Active road studs of type S-4 Kable
  • Motion sensors
  • Control cabinet
  • Warning lights for D – 6 signs
  • Red and white stripes made of hardened materials technology
  • Anti skid system
  • Reflective road studs

Product functions

APC Zebra Premium aims to:

  • Illuminate pedestrians when they are on the crossing
  • Inform drivers about pedestrians who are approaching the crossing
  • Reduce speed and deceleration of a vehicle before the crossing
  • Protect human health and life on the crossing with affordable funds
  • Decrease a braking distance


Product advantages

The main advantages of APC Zebra Premium are:

  • The intelligent system which warns the driver about pedestrians
  • Synchronize the vertical sign (D-6) and horizontal sign (active road studs)
  • Lower construction costs of Zebra Premium compared with the classic pedestrian crossing with traffic lights
  • Ability to use Zebra Premium before roundabouts
  • Decrease braking distance by 30% on wet surface


Technical Specification – Zebra Premium
Product Quantity Product description
S-4 Kabel 14 items Active road stud of type: S-4 cable, mounted in the roadway inline with lanes of pedestrian crossing. LED light flashing, yellow color of oncoming traffic, white color from the pedestrian side.
Motion sensor 4 items The motion sensor equipped with handles to adjust the height and radius of the beam. The sensor is integrated into the alarm system built into the pavement and marking vertical
Control cabinet 1 item Control cabinet with stand or holder connected to 230 V.

Solar with the control system. The system comes with a super energy storage capacitor, which operates in temperatures from -40 ° C to + 65 ° C (does not have batteries, which lose their capacity at low temperatures). In the case of access to a 230 V solar cell does not occur.

Cables 20 meters Complete wiring of 12 V and 3 V connecting active road studs and motion sensor with the control cabinet.
Warning lights for D – 6 signs 2 items 12V LED warning lights for D – 6 signs
Red and white stripes  1 item Red and white stripes made from cold plastic technology + rim before and after the stripes
Anti-skid System 100 m² Anti skid system made from red bauxite with an area of 100m² (2 x 50 m²)
Road studs 20 items 2 x 10 of reflective road studs mounted on the axis along the length of each section anti skid system

The following description introduces the operation of APC Zebra Premium:

  • Pedestrian approaches the marked crossing passes and motion sensors
  • The sensors initiate system of warning lights
  • Warning light placed under road sign D-6 “pedestrian crossing” start fleshing. This sends information to drivers about the pedestrian who is approaching the crossing
  • At the same time, warning lights in active road studs mounted in the road turn on. White lights directed towards a pedestrian, yellow lights directed towards vehicle
  • After pedestrian passing on the other side of the road system of warning lights turns off.
  • Each additional person turns on the system from the beginning


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