SmartPass is a smart pedestrian crossing. It provides pedestrians with safety and comfort when crossing the street or road, and drivers with instant information on presence of pedestrians on the crossing.



  • shorter braking distance
  • increased driver’s safety
  • increased pedestrian safety
  • improved safety od pedestrian crossings confirmed hrough studies
  • reliable operation
  • compliance  with applicable law
  • flexible power system
  • Immadiate failure information
  • radar module

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Product functions

  • Improved safety on pedestrian crossings confirmed through studies

SmartPass is the only intelligent pedestrian crossing system which has been tested by the Roads and Bridges Institute of Warsaw University of Technology in terms of effectiveness of increased safety and improvement of traffic users’ comfort.

  • Increased driver’s safety

Pulsating LED lights directed at the driver make pedestrians more visible on the pedestrian crossing and help drivers notice the pedestrians from large distance. It is highly important if the visibility is poor, e.g. when it is raining or snowing. Euroasfalt studies demonstrate that the driver reacts to light signals earlier if they are activated through foot traffic, and not when they glow constantly.

  • Shorter braking distance

ASE anti-skidding system installed by the smart pedestrian crossing translates into shorter braking distance by 30%. This is a specially designed road surface which guarantees high roughness and reduces vehicle skidding risk. The system proves to be highly useful especially in the autumn and winter, when it rains and snows.

  • Crossing monitoring

High-resolution cameras record moving pedestrians on the pedestrian crossing and moving cars approaching the crossing. When a road incident occurs, the recordings can present the cause of the accident

  • Safe pedestrian on the crossing

The built-in speaker emits voice signals directed at the pedestrian instantly when the pedestrian is detected. Voice signals such as “look left” or “be careful” inform the pedestrian that the crossing is highly dangerous. In effect they help pedestrians remain careful when crossing the street or road.

  • Reliable operation

 The SmartPass smart pedestrian crossing is equipped with replaceable active inputs S-4 Kable. Thanks to this, the product remains highly durable, which translates into reliable and automatic operation for a long time.

  • Compliance with applicable law

SmartPass components have been granted required certificates, technical approvals or domestic technical assessments

Technical Specification – SmartPass
Module module description
LED light module Synchronized horizontal and vertical pulsating lights emit light to the driver. They are activated automatically when a pedestrian approaches the smart crossing
Detection module The motion sensor module is responsible for detecting foot traffic and activating warning signals emitted by the LED lights module and sound module built in the SmartPass.
Anti-skid module ASE system shortens the braking distance at the smart pedestrian crossing by 30% in unfavorable weather, such as rain, snow or frost. Its task is to support vehicle braking in case of emergency.
Sound module Sound module is an audio system integrated with motion sensors thanks to which SmartPass detects the pedestrian who approaches the smart crossing. Voice messages notify the pedestrian of precautions required and potential hazards.
Radar module The system is intended to measure speed of cars approaching the pedestrian crossing. Thanks to this, road authorities can check how many km/h are reduced when drivers can see light signals in SmartPass.
Extra light module Thanks to motion sensors, the smart active lighting system detects pedestrians approaching the crossing and lights up asynchronous LED luminaires to the maximum. This raises visibility of pedestrians at night.
Monitoring module It is a set of cameras intended to video record the pedestrian crossing area and roadway where cars approach. The cameras allow recording potential traffic incidents and specifying circumstances of road accident precisely.
Central Unit with GSM The central unit is an industrial computer which manages all SmartPass modules. It is responsible for communication between modules, control over particular modules, communication with the Portal and saving information.

1. When the pedestrian is detected in the crossing area, motion sensors activate the SmartPass system.

2. Synchronized LED lights start pulsating towards the driver at the same frequency.

3. At the same time a voice message informing to be careful is sent towards the pedestrian.

4. When the pedestrian leaves the crossing area, SmartPass deactivates light signals and voice signals. The cars can keep on going further.

The crossing is monitored with cameras. Thanks to this, when a pedestrian is crossing the street or road, the cameras record him/her and cars. The built-in radar measures the speed of vehicles approaching the crossing. The communication module sends various information to the IT system. Before the pedestrian crossing the ASE anti-skidding system is installed. Its task is to reduce the car braking distance, in particular in difficult weather conditions (rain and snow)

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