Single-sided reflector

Single-sided reflector

Single-sided road stud installed along the road centre-line and road margins on roads with poor visibility and medium traffic.
  • Type P3A (R1-R3)
  • Reflection: 450 mcd/lux-500 mcd/lux
  • Dimensions: length 107,9 mm x width 90 mm
  • Certificate of conformity with EN 1463-1:2009
  • Colors:

Product advantages

The main advantages of are:

  • high visibility of the reflector up to 200 m
  • low maintenance costs of labelling dangerous spots on roads
  • life-span of the reflective element up to 5 years


S-1 S is recommended for the marking of main and regional roads with mid- traffic (10 000 cars per day),specifically :

  • Dangerous curves with poor visibility (horizontal and vertical),
  • Fading traffic lanes, possibly accompanied by areas closed to traffic,
  • Speed bumps,
  • Islands,
  • Separators.
Technical specification – Reflector
Type of reflector P3A (R1- R3) protected against wear by abrasion
Reflected light luminance factor 450 mcd/lux – 500 mcd/lux
Conformance with standard EN 1463-1:2009
Type of legal protection Industrial design OHIM No 901525 and PL 64544
Colour of double sided reflector ·         white-white

·         white-red

·         yellow-yellow

·         green-green

·         blue-blue

·         other colours on request

Colour of one sided reflector ·         white, red

·         yellow

·         green

·         blue

·         other colours on request

Material of insert Polymer with fibreglass
Temperature resistance From –30C up to + 115ºC
Compression resistance > 180 kN
Reflectivity guarantee A minimum period of 5 years in R3 class