Active road studs with 6 LED lights and a photovoltaic panel, mounted in a cast iron housing, which is snow plough-resistant and long-lasting with removable reflective element, installed at active crosswalks in tunnels or dangerous sections of streets in towns.

  • Active
  • LED (3+3) & Panel PV
  • Reflection – Warm white: adjustable up to 20,000 mcd / lux (for one led)
  • Reflection – Cold white: adjustable up to 25,000 mcd / lux (for one led)
  • Reflection – Red: adjustable up to 50,000 mcd / lux (for one led)
  • Reflection – Yellow: adjustable up to 10.000 mcd / lux (for one led)
  • Reflection –  Orange: adjustable up to 60,000 mcd / lux (for one led)
  • Work time: 380 h
  • Diameter: 180 mm
  • Weight: 4,5 kg
  • Technical Approval Nr AT/2016-02-3306
  • Colors:

Product functions

High cast iron cover resistance against wear by abrasion and ploughs

High reflector resistance against wear by abrasion caused by tires

Self cleaning system activated during rainfall.

Gentle ramp for the wheels of vehicles as well as road maintenance machines (for instance ploughs) which guarantees trouble-free driving

“Alert” system acting as acoustic warning when crossing the road marking line

System which enables programming a length of LED light

Automatic LED Activation System (ALAS)

Energy efficiency - 380 hours of working time

Photovoltaic system that allows fully charge the battery within 45 minutes

Detachable cover to replace electronic inserts with LED and battery

Product advantages

The main advantages of S–4 MAX are:

  • High visibility of the reflector up to 1000 m
  • Low maintenance costs of labelling dangerous spots on roads
  • Energy-saving system capable of operating LED lights up to 380 hours on a single battery charge
  • Possibility of flexible programming of the length of light and the power of LED light
  • Possibility of installing two-color LEDs (eg .: 1 LED white, 2 red LEDs on one side)
  • Battery fully charged within 45 minutes


S-4 Max is recommended for the marking of highly dangerous main roads and motorways:

  • Dangerous sections of streets in towns where a lot of accidents happen
  • Low speed bumps ahead of crossroads
  • Safe pedestrian crossings
  • Tunnels (S – 4 Kabel with cable installation)
  • Bridges
Product name S-4 Max
Type of product Plough-resistant. High mechanical impact resistance.
Technical specification – Reflector and light-emitting diode
Type of reflector LED light
Conformance with standard EN 1463-1 : 2009
Light conformance with standard National Technical Approval No. AT/2016-02-3306
Number of LEDs 3 at the front + 3 at the back
Reflected light luminance factor PRP1>250mcd/lux
LED light visibility min. 150 m
LED beam horizontal angle max 60⁰ (optionally 15⁰, 30⁰ and 40⁰)
Photovoltaic Panel (PV) Polycrystalline
PV lifespan Up to 9 000 cycles / 25 years
SAAL system activation Automatic by 30 lux daylight
Type of battery Akku  Eneloop  1,2 V  2000 mAh  1 lub 2 pcs
Charging time 45 min
Operation time 380 h with 1 piece
Temperature resistance From –35⁰C up to + 135ºC
Insert tightness IP 68
Insert material High-impact colourless PC
Compression resistance > 250 kN
Color of double sided reflector
  • white-white
  • white-red
  • yellow-yellow
  • green-green
  • blue-blue
  • other colours on request
Color of one sided reflector
  • white, red
  • yellow
  • green
  • blue
  • other colours on request without certificate
Technical specification – Top and bottom cast iron cover
Shape Flat mushroom-shaped
Gross weight including electronic insert  

4,5 kg

Height (above the road)  15 mm
Depth (under the road)  82 mm
Diameter (the part above the road) 180 mm
Diameter (the part under the road) 108 – 112 mm (cone)
Compression resistance >250 kN
Cast iron cover lifespan 10 years
Installation guidelines
Tools Milling machine with a special shaped cutter mounted on a trailer or small portable drilling equipment with a water pump


Higher slot diameter 182  (max.188 mm)
Lower slot diameter 116  (max.122 mm)
Higher slot depth 27 mm
Lower slot depth 85 mm
Installation in asphalt surface Bitumen adhesive in temp.160 – 180⁰C
Adhesive consumption


Up to 0,55 kg
Installation in concrete road surface Epoxy or polyurethane adhesive (cold).
Insert and battery replacement On-site replacement by unscrewing the cover with a special key after releasing the locking


National Certificate of Constancy of Performance for S-4 MAX (Download)

Installation instruction for S-4 MAX

Document name File
Technical specification Tech Spec for S-4 MAX_31.03.17
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