Double-sided reflector

Double-sided reflector

Double-sided reflective road stud for horizontal road marking provides increased visibility of road margins especially at night-time and in the rain.  
  • Type P3A (R1-R3)
  • Reflection: 450 mcd/lux-500 mcd/lux
  • Dimensions: length 107,9 mm x width 90 mm
  • Certificate of conformity with EN 1463-1:2009
  • Colors:

Product advantages

  • Making sure that a driver can see the road centre-line with horizontal markings especially at night-time and in the rain;


  • Gentle approach for wheels of motor vehicles and road maintenance machines (e.g. snow-ploughs or motorcycles) to guarantee trouble-free driving,
  • The body of the device is made of plastic of high mechanical resistance;
  • The reflector’s surface is double protected – with a ceramic protective layer formed directly on the reflector and the mechanical layer limiting wearing away of the reflective surface;
  • Mounted on the surface with bitumen or polyurethane adhesive;
  • Coefficient of luminous intensity of 450mcd/lux at 0.2 degree angle of observation and measurement geometry of +/- 5 degrees makes it possible to achieve the highest reflectance class for this type of product;
  • Ergonomic shape with finger chambers allows rapid and comfortable mounting on the road;


  • on traffic lanes for horizontal marking of roads
  • on national roads, with heavy traffic, on motorways
  • for permanent and temporary marking (yellow colour)
  • to direct and inform road users
  • Śnieżka -3 S Standard
  • Śnieżka -1 S Standard
  • Śnieżka 2 Low profil


Technical specification Reflector
Type of reflector P3A (R1- R3) with protection against abrasion
Reflected light luminance factor 450 mcd/lux – 500 mcd/lux
Conformance with standard EN 1463-1:2009
Type of legal protection Industrial design OHIM Nr 901525  oraz  PL 64544
Colour of double sided reflector
  • white-white
  • white-red
  • yellow-yellow
  • green-green
  • blue-blue
  • other colours on request
Material of insert Polymer with fibreglass
Temperature resistance From –30⁰C up to + 115ºC
Compression resistance > 180 kN
Reflectivity guarantee A minimum period of 5 years in R3class