Euroasfalt research and development (R&D) methodology consists of the following stages:


Work stage describes the conceptual work on the project. The company's experience and clients from the operation made to sell products show us areas of the powers of the existing products or introduce new features or products that address the problem of road safety. At this stage, it formed the overall product concept, design intent, and an outline of the technical architecture of the product.

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Stage design work, which involves the transfer of concepts and assumptions of the product on the technical design. At this point they are carried out the necessary calculation of product specifications comply with current standards or recommendations, and formed the first mock-up of the product.

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The step of making the first product in which engineers build prototypes of products and perform a series of laboratory tests verifying the design of the product. Laboratory tests are performed in a number of micro cycles so as to detect the earliest prototype discrepancies with the technical design of the product. This is the stage where the technical design is adjusted until the fulfillment of all the structural assumptions. After the completion of the prototype created technical design.

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Field Tests

A step in which short production is set up to test the products under field (on-road conditions). Products are installed in real conditions of operation and are subjected to continuous monitoring by the laboratory staff in 6 monthly cycles. Field tests carried out at least for a period of two cycles. After the end of each cycle creates a report containing a description of the tests taking into account traffic, weather conditions, etc.

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Stage in which the product passes the certification process certifying that the product is ready for release for the sale and installation. In the absence of standards defining the requirements for the certification of the product is subjected to a process of technical approval.

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A step wherein the product is acceptable for mass production.

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