12 October 2017

Active Pedestrian Crossing on Marszałkowska street was completed in September. The intelligent system of Active Revlective Road Studs, motion detectors, D6 warning lights and motion sensors increases the safety of pedestrians.

10 October 2017

Motion sensor system, reflective elements, signs with warning lights and special anti-slip surface already on Krasińskiego street in Warsaw. Active Pedestrian Crossing improves safety and visibility at the next pass in Warsaw. Active point reflectors and LED warning lights activate only when a passerby appears on the pass.   

10 March 2017

Active Pedestrian Crossing APP Zebra, which we installed in 2016 in Warsaw at Kondratowicza street  passed the tests. We created another pedestrian in Warsaw. We created a solution of Active Pedestrian just only for You 🙂  In particular, we welcome comments such as the following: “Hi, I live next to the pedestrian crossing at Kondratowicza street […]