Active Pedestrian Crossing in Ruciane Nida City

Yesterday (13th of December) works on the installation of the APC Zebra PREMIUM in Ruciana Nida have been completed. A system of Active Reflective Road Studs (ARRS) was installed with LED light connected to a warning lamp above the D6 sign and to motion sensors. The system has been connected to the control cabinet and to the municipal power grid, thanks to which continuous operation of the system is assured, during the day and at night. In addition, in order to increase pedestrian safety, was installed the ASE System, an anti-skid surface designed to shorten the braking distance of vehicles before crossing the pedestrian crossing. ASE System shortens the braking distance by up to 30% in unfavorable weather conditions. Ruciane Nida decided to use ASE System with red color to increase the visibility of the passage. The solutions proposed by the company EUROASFALT are an intelligent system, which, thanks to the installed motion sensors, works only when the pedestrian approaches the passage.