About Us

Euroasfalt is a private company with Polish capital, which was established in 1992. The company operates in the areas of: cracks repair of bituminous and concrete pavement, cracks repair in car parks and industrial sites, construction and repair of bridge cracks, road marking with reflective road studs, installation of aluminium markers, active traffic signs D-6 (pedestrian crossing road mark) and steel road marking on extension-arm, sealing of tram lines, repair of concrete pavements, production of mobile warning trailers with closing arrays U-26 C/A, 27. Since 2006 we have been manufacturing permanent reflective road studs.


For years we have gained vast experience in road construction and have a specialized technical team.

Professional equipment

We use professional equipment and other tools that have been designed and made by specialists from our team.

Highly qualified team

Our mobile teams maintaining and making the roads are ready for quick departure in every corner of the country.


“Our objective is to ensure and improve safety of all road participants in Europe.”

Jan Antonowicz


Company history



Euroasfalt is one of the first company in Poland with focused on traffic safety on the roads. We have implemented number of road safety system like: radar speed measuring devices, active traffic signs using LED technology and others. We started work on the implementation of new technologies in the field of road safety by building anti-skid system combined with safe pedestrian crossings.


In the early 90s Euroasfalt as the first company in Poland, has installed temporary reflective road studs on national roads. Our specialists have deep knowledge about advantages and disadvantages of available road studs from producers in Europe and Asia.

Since 2016 Euroasfalt has been a manufacturer of reflective road studs in cast iron bodies. Patented product lines are Standard S-1 and S-2 Low Profile and product line S- 3 LED and S-4 MAX have patent pending.

“Our company is constantly working on improvements to our Sniezka reflective road studs to make the road a safer place for drivers and pedestrians.”

Marcin Antonowicz

Manager of Marketing and Sales